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Mantra Workshop Content

Exploring the secret science of sound

Muz Murray travels far and wide to share his spiritual insight and mantra yoga knowledge in his 'Sharing the Quest Workshop'.

In these workshops the effects of vocalised sounds on the body, mind and spirit are explored. Experience the different areas of the body which are governed, activated and energised by specific sounds. You can learn ancient harmonics which awaken dormant centres of the brain, altering the quality of consciousness, creating a profound inner stillness, and nourishing the needs of the soul.

In addition to the mantra practices, other practices may include yogic breathing exercises, group chanting, group integration exercises, fun practices, consciousness expansion exercises, yoga movements and deep relaxation.

Muz is one of Britain’s best-loved mystics, and founder of Gandalf’s Garden in the sixties. He is a world-travelling spiritual teacher, artist, poet, psychotherapist and mantra yogi. He is author of Seeking the Master, a Guide to the Ashrams of India, and Sharing the Quest: a Guide to Spiritual Survival in the modern world.


Arrange a Mantra Yoga Workshop

Invitations for Muz Murray (Ramana Baba) to give Mantra Workshops, speak at Lectures, Seminars, Conferences or Spiritual Festivals should be made to Muz Murray using the details on the contact page.

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