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Mantra Workshop Reviews & Tributes

What past participants and organisers have had to say...

Muz Murray, a world travelling mystic master, was inspirational, enchanting us with his workshops on Mantra, Mystical Awakening and Meditation. One thing that struck me about Muz was the humility, gentleness and depth of this remarkable soul; untiring, ready to share every minute with all of us, answering all our questions which expressed our fears, anxieties, joys, hopes and aspirations on the Path.

We truly had an inspirational week of spiritual nuturing."

The Gibraltar Integral Yoga Newsletter

re. The Integral Yoga Festival, Quinta da Calma, Portugal

Hungry for more. Muz Murray, the perfect yogi master, breath even, body soft and still, sat in Padmasana and intoned the Mantras. It was a wonderful privilege to be taught by someone with so much depth of experience. His research has taken him to ashrams in India, Japan, Tibet to Hindus, Sufis, Tibetan and Japanese monks. He has discovered that very few of them really know how to intone the mantras so that they truly create the essential vibration through the body's bones and nervous system."

"From the first sutras of Patanjali, we know that yoga is about the cessation of the movement of the fluctuation of the rain waves. The energy force of mantra helps to lead us there. I found that awakened again within me was the delight of the Gayatri mantra, revealing new light. So powerful was our chanting that at times I did not know I was in the hall."

"Muz explained how he had spent three months plucking out every 'negative' or 'wrong' thought like pulling 'pile' out of a carpet piece by piece. Here was someone who had really worked at the mind, body stuff to create that calmness that inevitably contributed to his beautiful voice. Can I hold what I have learnt? Will he come back to this country and our neck of the woods? I hope so."

Winkie Harrison

Inner Yoga Trust Newsletter

Thanks for everything in your workshop: your teaching, your love, you gave so much... a very special experience. After singing the mantras, when we all sat around you and you looked at each one of us, something happened inside of me, something moved me deep inside. At that moment I felt like I was receiving a lot of extra energy in the heart-centre. I've never felt anything like that. The effect it had on me, the energy it gave, was overwhelming; and it's still working its way through! Usually I have a lot of thoughts and many questions, but that Sunday I just felt silent, peaceful, no questions. It felt so good!"

B. Omvlee


I feel I have to write and tell you what a lasting impression that weekend has made on my life. It was a truly wonderful experience. I had never done chant to any great extent before, but I find it has a positive effect on me."

"I was finding my course of study on Yoga Philosophy a bit difficult to understand-until I attended your workshop, and then it was like a light had been switched on-and suddenly I could see! I haven't been the same person since! But I like this new me!"

E. R.

Slane, Eire

I do not feel I can leave the path I shared with you without saying that it was indeed a privilege to 'Share the Quest' for a short while. It is ten years since I have left a gathering so refreshed and renewed, But most of all I enjoyed the Satsang period-listening to your replies to the questions raised, where your very special presence showed it-Self to the full. Thank you for what you imparted...but more importantly, for your unique way of imparting the Truth."

N. L.

My wife and I were recently lucky enough to attend a seminar by you in Basildon. I do not yet fully understand what I got from you, but I experienced something unknown to me before, and it was not until Tuesday evening that I seemed to return to something like normal. I do not think it was only the mantra, although it does give inner peace-and I find your Sounds of Silence cassette inspiring. Only as I write I realise that what you gave us was your presence, for you were in tune with all life. "Thank you for the Life Force that you imparted to me."

N. Cook


It was just an ordinary Wednesday. I went to a meeting in which the topic this week was a talk on 'Sound' by Muz Murray-never heard of you-you started chanting. 'O dear,' I start smiling to myself, 'whatever will you get yourself into next?' Your strange noises turn into sweet melodic chanting: I'm enchanted and very happy. I listen to your talk-I understand. I still feel your presence while looking at your books afterwards. I leave with one, knowing that I have been close to a 'special human.' "I read several pages of Sharing the Quest before sleeping. Suddenly-I found myself in your words. I now understand myself to be worthwhile...You have given me great inspiration. Come back soon."



The whole weekend was so happy, so full of goodwill, with Muz a very caring teacher, sharing with us a very important part of or daily lives — the vibration of sound."

"It was as if the subtle body recognised the sounds of the Mantrams; rather like the feeling of invisible fingers running across the strings of a harp and plucking a tune which massages the body, mind and soul. If that sounds exaggerated, from my own experience it hardly explains it. So many people have written and telephoned me since — people new and those experienced in yoga — saying how well the weekend worked for them, how happy and toning it was."

Mavis Fielding

Wheel North Journal

Muz is truly a very special being and unlike many Realised masters, he is very accessible and approachable. When he chants I feel all my cells vibrating harmoniously with the universe. His eyes transmit so much love and inspiration, I feel it bubbling up inside myself filling me with endless joy."

A. J. Oliver


Muz is an alchemist of the soul-a catalyst radiating in the centre of the group, teaching us the 'Way of Sunconsciousness' and mysteriously transmuting everybody's inner world into something one can no longer forget. And we go back to the 'normal' unreal world we all live in, like aliens fallen from heaven. Knowing, anyway, in our heart of hearts, we can go back 'home' into it, whenever we like."

W. C. M.


Muz-he's some guy: just being in his presence starts to weave an inexplicable magic upon your consciousness. And when your soul recognises the soul of an enlightened being it begins to dance with pure joy!"

Nawaratri Brand


Apart from Krishnamurti, you are the only being I have been close to whose attainments are so mighty, and I found you inspired and inspiring, and can only offer my profound gratitude for your patient work with us. Seeing you, I realise how beautiful and worthy is the spiritual path."

Jeremy S. Gluck

SPRITECH (Swansea)

Having had a chance to reflect, thank you again for packing so much in to a one day session. Feedback from individuals has ranged from ecstatic, to "thought provoking," to dumbfounded!! About a quarter of those present were either Yoga teachers, or training to teach; a few were other sorts of healers; the majority were individuals who attend Yoga classes regularly. Their responses are an indicator of the level of their lack of exposure to mantra in their classes. Some, I know, have been attending classes for over ten and twenty years and only ever chanted Om. This is not a condemnation of the individual teacher but more a recognition of the need for more in-depth training of BWY teachers in this area and/or the resources with which to build their experience. You really are such a rare commodity, how on earth can ordinary Yoga teachers acquire even a basic level of skill, unless we press you to find more training opportunities. Many Yoga teachers introduce Mantra to their classes tentatively because they think all mantra has a devotional purpose, as in religiosity-and with general classes they never progress from that perspective-of course it turns many off at that point too. I have even been at BWY in-service training events where established Yoga teachers say they do not use mantra at all-because of the religious connotations and/or because they can't sing!!! The BWY is expanding its teaching population at an alarming rate at present and many student teachers are getting virtually no informed introduction to mantra. The second thing I really liked about your presentation, which I know you have been teaching for a long time now. It was that you offered people a way in, by introducing them to the vowels and consonants and their correspondence to regions of the body - that is so helpful. The `logic' of it as the sound moves forward in the mouth is beautiful. I should like to add that since then several people have endorsed the same views and on one more thing that stood out: it is your sheer dedication to your passion. After spending so many years building up your expertise, it shows... and it was truly valued here."

Gill Winstanley

British Wheel of Yoga representative for North Wales

Thank you for a weekend when the doors and windows of our hearts and minds were opened to the sunshine of love and peace."

Y. M.


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