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Sharing the Quest: Secrets of Self-Understanding (4th Edition) Paperback

Sharing the Quest: Secrets of Self-Understanding (4th Edition) Paperback

by Muz Murray    


A Book that Inspires and Feeds the Soul


Sharing the Quest shows you how to control your unruly mind, explains what it really is, how it works, and what mental attitudes are holding you back. It offers a cornucopia of secret yoga practices, modes of meditation and practical methods that lighten your heart and help you to avoid depression.


Readers find it answers many of the pressing problems on the spiritual path they have been grappling with for years


One of Britain’s best-loved mystic masters, a real-life ‘Indiana Jones-style’ spiritual adventurer, Muz Murray (Ramana Baba)—whose own inner quest for spiritual ‘treasure’ led him to trek down the whole length of Africa, traverse deserts, study with Sufi dervishes in Turkey and Iran, and live as a mendicant monk during three years of ascetic wandering in India—here distils the essence of his enlightened findings. His fascinating visionary insights are shared in answer to searching questions from his students and seekers on the spiritual path. His unravellings of knotty metaphysical problems make the most difficult ideas understandable to all. Written in a lively manner, with characteristic honesty, warmth and humour, the book pulls no punches and tells it like it is.


The author reveals the essential initiatic secrets of over thirty-years of world-wandering, spiritual research and experience in many differing mystical traditions. The major methods of the Masters for spiritual development—which bring realistic results in one’s own life and practice—are simply and clearly explained. Sharing the Quest inspires one with a sense of spiritual universality and the deepening awareness that the state of illumination is achievable by us all. Above all it shows us a way to cultivate a spiritual lifestyle in the world. A loving, caring and uplifting book, which truly inspires and feeds the soul.




"What a beautiful book. Right from he first page I was in. Muz writes with such honesty and simplicity.


With a good dash of humour the pages just fly by, and I found myself in the rare position of thinking I just do not want this book to end. I find myself re-reading chapters multiple times. I will be reading the rest of muz's work and look forward to his next book. if you are thinking of buying this book, let me tell you, BUY IT NOW, I guarantee that you will not regret it. A lifetime of seeking shared with such generosity, thank you thank you thank you.x​"


*****  Gong Master Bob Horwell



" For those who have set foot on the Spiritual path or the path of self-discovery, Sharing the Quest by Muz Murray is a must read.


In fact since I first read it back in 1991 it has been rarely out of my sight! I always refer to it when I need reminding of the purpose of existence. Muz is one of the greatest inspirational writers/teachers of our time and his down-to-earth, warm and humourous approach to all matters Spiritual is so refreshing and endearing. So don't waste any more time and go get yourself a copy! You'll be very glad you did...​"


***** Evelyn Rock



"I have read a fair few books of this type and have to say this is one of the best.


In his book Muz goes into detail about his time as a Psychotherapist and discusses the insights this has provided him into the human condition. The book charts his journey both literally and spiritually with a light hearted humour which is refreshing to see, as a many books on this subject can be very serious. In the last chapter Muz provides concise, practical advise for those seeking to know the truth. the simple practice he provides is simply brilliant. It would be suitable for those just starting out on the path through to seasoned seekers!!


​***** Steve Murray


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Sharing the Quest: Secrets of Self-Understanding (4th Edition) Paperback

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