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Ifflepinn Island -

An extraordinary lyrical fantasy for green-growing children and evergreen adults

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If you are hungry for a new magical tale in the classic genre of the “Narnia Chronicles” and “The Hobbit”, then “Ifflepinn Island” has come to your rescue!

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One of many Five-Star reviewers says:

 “Ifflepinn Island is gripping and delightful. It is an all embracing story that covers time, space, age and taste. There are passages resembling elements from C.S Lewis chronicles, and Tolkien and Tolstoy epic masterpieces."


It is a creation that becomes part of your life, which you want to hear more of, but do not want to end. A fantasy book for all ages, with many pointers for our daily perception on life. I recommend it to children and adults alike.” 

                                                                                                         —Bobby Black

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Says the Author:

"Ifflepinn Island” has been compared to the similarly endearing and timeless quality of the “Wizard of Oz.”  One reviewer likened it to “Moomintroll meets the Hobbit, somewhere way beyond the far side of Narnia.”  So that may give you some idea of the genre. But it is not like any of them. I guarantee you have never read anything like it before."

Asked what he wants to do with this book, he replied

 “I want to stimulate the imagination of children with a magical sense of existence, while seeding their consciousness with life-enhancing secrets and positive attitudes. These are easily absorbed in the middle of the adventures of the hero, Iffleplum.

Muz Murray author of Ifflepinn Island













Author Bio

I started out as a surrealist painter, then a writer, actor and theatrical and film designer during seven years of vagabondage around the word. I hitch-hiked down the length of Africa, spent 3 years as a wandering monk in India; became founder-editor of Gandalf’s Garden magazine and Community and co-founder of The Open Centre for spiritualized psychotherapy in London. For the last 50 years I have quietly travelled the world as a spiritual mentor and Mantra Master, teaching Mantra and Advaita Vedanta workshops in many countries.

Because of my many years of adventures on dangerous roads—sleeping under the bridges with tramps in Paris, working as an elephant-trainer, Night-club singer and a rock-driller in King Solomon’s mines in the Israeli desert; being shot at by bandits, surviving knife attacks, hold-ups, poisoned darts and earthquakes while trekking down Africa, crossing deserts, living with the Dervishes in Turkey and Iran, and clinging to the outside of an express train for 10 hours through the night in India—the Mind-Body-Spirit  journals have called me ‘the Indiana Jones of Yoga.’

So you can be sure that Ifflepinn Island will be just as remarkably adventurous!

And children from 4 -10 years old adore the Audio CD version of the first four chapters of “Ifflepinn Island” narrated by the author in different character voices, including music and delightful sound effects.

Click below to listen to a sample:

Ifflepinn Island Sample - Muz Murray

Invest in enchantment via the links below.

Reviews Ifflepinn


​A beautifully crafted tale of a search for his lost ‘childhood heart/soul/spirit’ through extraordinary worlds by the central character, Iffleplum.

The illustrations are enchanting. Words fail to describe how good this book is.

This deserves to be a children’s classic!"




Amazon reader

Ifflepinn Island a magical and beautiful adult and childlike spiritual fairytale worth reading over and over as it’s so filled with gems and spiritual truths... Muz is a brilliant storyteller and artist! Totally recommend it!”



The Power to Heal

It was amazing!

Fantastic book to read aloud to kids, and I plan on doing so when mine's old enough to listen. Ifflepinn Island is such a grand, touching, unexpected (and sometimes quite dark) tale - a mix of The Hobbit and The Wizard of Oz with Murray's own unique twist. Dive in for a brilliant tale of the power of the heart and mind, the Song of the Universe, and what happens to us when we think our thoughts and dream our dreams.”


Kathrin Hutson

When I was a child I would have loved this utterly enchanting book. It’s engaging, rhythmical, melodious, adventurous, exciting & tenderly draws the reader (of all ages) into the magical land of Ifflepinns, Froaks, Ogres, stately Galleons & much more. It takes one on a magical voyage into Fairy Rings and the land of Ælfylon. The suspense mounts as one makes this epic journey with its lead character the endearing Iffleplum.

As an adult I was mesmerised by the sound & poetry of the words & the spiritual content of this adorable story. A MUST for children of all ages!"


Anna Olsen

A wonderful inspiring read for young and old alike... full of warmth, humour and magic... a journey from the heart's centre revealing the mystical truths through many an adventure! I LOVED this book."


Laura Medler

This book is a tour de force, a saga, an epic work of fiction. It contains a sequence of stories which move the hero (Iffleplum) and me (the reader) through worlds inhabited by different mythical creatures, charmingly described and often illustrated.

Personalities and ideas are very relevant to our own world. Along the way, the hero learns life lessons, which are handled gracefully.

Each chapter is more or less complete in itself, and often ends with a cliffhanger for the hero. I wish that I still had parental responsibility for a young or youngish child to whom I could read the book in instalments! But as the author says on the title page, it's also for all 'evergreen' adults to enjoy.

I read several chapters at a time - couldn't put the book down!"


Bob Lindsay-Smith - An epic work of fiction

Ifflepinn Island deserves to be a children's classic. I would give it six stars if I could. It was a delight to discover this book. It is a rare gem standing well above the exponentially increasing number of children's books hitting the market. Written in a unique style with words that are intricately woven. it is filled with alliteration which children love and clever word play that adults will appreciate. As the words flow across the pages, they pull you ever deeper into the story. Children and adults alike cannot fail to be entranced by the illustrations. All will come to understand the important messages the writer conveys through little Iffleplum on his adventurous journey to find his lost heart. A great story."


Christina Clarry


Ifflepinn Island is one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure to read and own. I cannot put into words what an exciting and exhilarating story this is. The whole thing is unique from start to finish, you will not be disappointed. i find it hard to believe that this amazing work hasn't yet been made into an epic film although I'm sure it will be given time, as it’s that good. I would recommend you read this book whether you are an adult or not, matters not as it will enthral you all. This really is a must have book. Get it while you can.”


Thomas Field


Ifflepinn Island by Muz Murray is a whimsical story set in a little village over the hills and far away. One day, the villagers wake up to see their gardens filled with froaks. Inside the Ifflesnug, young Iffleplum realizes that it is not an ordinary day; it is the first day of Spring. Because of foolish bravado, Iffleplum loses the spirit of his heart in shock. The story takes an unexpected turn as Iffleplum goes in search of his wayward elfin-heart. Will Iffleplum be able to regain his heart and return back to Merryvale?

The story has many dimensions to it and stimulates the imaginations of young readers with its wonderful characters, like Ifflepaw, Mumkin, Froaks, Eavesdroppers, Grubbin Hawkweed, Fluffykins (the timid vegetarian wolf), and the scary shadow-creatures known as "Gropes". The magical moments will captivate readers and the author’s detailed descriptions make the scenes vivid. A lot of messages and insights run through the plot, and the author weaves them in seamlessly amid all the excitement, suspense, and adventures that happen as the story progresses. Children will be transported to another world and will enjoy reading this adventure story as it takes them to unknown places where they otherwise would not imagine going!

The illustrations are delightful and they breathe life into the characters and scenes as readers get to see many spiritual insights along with the adventure, humor, and pathos. Every chapter will keep readers guessing as to what is going to happen next. This book is a must-read for all children who love excitement, adventure, and whimsy."


Mamta Madhavan

for Readers’ Favorite

Absolutely loved the video of you telling the story,...stunning picture above of you, there are no words to describe this much needed book of yours,...absolutely heart warming,...beautiful, magical ethereal....perfection!!! Thank you so much, I will be sharing this all over, pure genius, and a masterpiece!!!"


MaryJane Nicole

for Readers’ Favorite

Wonderful, whimsical story for children with many insights A wonderful, whimsical story for children with many insights and messages that will stand them in good stead in their future lives. Adults should read this to younger children, but older ones should read it themselves. I recommend it highly. Ideal Christmas or birthday present or at any time, to instill some magic into young lives and exciting new words into their vocabularies."


David Trimble

This book is magical and spell binding. Iffleplum is a delightful character, who encounters many thrilling adventures, whilst trying to regain his lost elfin-spirit, when he inadvertently gives his heart away. Muz Murray has filled this wonderful book with so many fantastic characters, including Fluffruff, a lisping vegetarian wolf, who I especially love. Yes, he is one of my favourites in this brilliant book. Muz's lovely illustrations add to the story. It will appeal to older children and adults alike, and its esoteric meaning will touch your heart."


Shirley Marsden


Ifflepinn Island is a brilliant book for anyone who enjoys a different story; one about growing(up & onwards.) About heartfelt love, bravery and humility & about feeling fear! Muz Murray, Master of Mantra Yoga is also an accomplished writer and illustrator and has a great sense of humour, reflected in many pages of this 390 page book. There are many twists and turns in this story which holds interest & leave you wondering what may happen in the next chapter (part). Sometimes the language or reference is adult and at others takes you straight to childhood (whenever/wherever that was/is?). There are some real scary bits but non worse than many other Children's books and somehow there is always a glint of light to stave away dark thoughts. Best of all within the developing story there is the sharing of deeper truths to be reminded, recognised or accepted. Will re-read again & again, both to Self and to others big & small! :-)

Full of twists and turns; expect nothing but the unexpected. Find hidden meanings and let this book warm the light of your "elfin heart" Great bedtime reading but be careful because you might find it difficult to put down........ :-)"




I loved the book; a really great read. Unfortunately I don’t seem to manage to get over in words how I felt about it. I really loved it: I was a child again travelling with Plumkin, chilled to the bone with fear and glowing all over with love. It is so full of such wonderful experiences and happenings and descriptions to set the imagination flying off—as Plumkin’s heart did—that I now feel I need to read it again to get the full story and savour it to the full."


Christine Coveny

Ceramic Artist

I just wanted to let you know that your Ifflepinn Audio CD is an absolute hit with our gang of 3 - 4 year old children who listen to it every night. By the time you see them again they will know it by heart and will be ready for the next installment!!!"


Frances Yates


This is a book of a type I wish we could find more often! The hero always falls into trouble through his own doing, but nobody thinks any ill of him for it, because what he does through his trouble is too interesting! It is truly a book for all ages, a basic story for small children, and an enchanting glimpse of higher things for those who are aware. A magical and timeless book; surely one in a million.”


Joanna Coston

age 14

Anyone reading this book will be spellbound by the story of Iffleplum, and all the diverse characters that join him in this adventure story. Muz has a rare gift of bringing them all to life with his detailed descriptions. He weaves both pathos and humour into the story. I especially liked encountering the Froaks and Eavesdroppers, Ifflepaw and Mumkin, Grubbin Hawkweed, Fluffykins (the lisping wolf), and even the ghastly Gropes! “Iffleplum tries desperately to regain his elusive elfin-heart, which he lost through seeking wild adventure. Each chapter ends with a real cliff-hanger, and we are left in a state of suspense wondering what can possibly happen to him next! But this book is more than just a gripping adventure story. Profound spiritual truths are cleverly revealed as the story unfolds. Will Iffleplum ever catch his elfin-heart, and will he return home safely to Merryvale?”


Shirley Robson


I don’t normally care for fairy stories. At first I thought it rather twee, but as I got into it, I read the whole thing in one sitting. It’s brilliant! The poetry of the language, the wordplay, the humour! I enjoyed it immensely—especially the philosophical bits. I really liked the concept that we all create what comes to us.”


Colin Wilson

The Outsider Author and Philosopher, age 75

I have had the pleasure of hearing the author, Muz Murray reading some of the chapters in character, which was gripping and delightful. It is an all embracing story that covers time, space, age and taste. There are passages resembling elements from C.S Lewis chronicles, and Tolkien and Tolstoy epic masterpieces.


It is a creation that becomes part of your life, which you want to hear more of, but do not want to end. A fantasy book for all ages, with many pointers for our daily perception on life. I look forward to hearing more and I would recommend it to children and adults alike.


Bobby Black

age 56 years

I greatly enjoyed Ifflepinn Island. It was very exciting, with lots of cliffhangers. Kids or adults would love reading it. It is a story with depth and meaning. I can’t recommend it enough."


Barbara Parkinson


Why I love Ifflepinn Island—the story grabbed me from the start with the very engaging and questioning character of Iffleplum. The descriptions of all the characters are very detailed and easily came to life in my mind. I could instantly relate to Iffleplum’s need for adventure and knowledge. After the sorrow of losing his elfin heart, the quest he then enters into feels (at my age) like this is the real business of life: it is easy when we are young, bold or downhearted, to get lost in the world only to spend the rest of our lives seeking our happy hearts. I would have loved this as a child and, who knows, it just may have made me think twice about some of the things I did. I love this story, I love the way Muz tells it and shall never tire of hearing it. And of course, I love the book with its wonderful illustrations."


Jayne Morrisey

Age 41 and a bit

This is a truly magical book, written for readers of all ages. I am now 74 and I LOVE it and am constantly finding new concepts and lessons in it. One of the things I most love is that it brings back all the wonder and delight of childhood and, listening to or reading it; I find I am a child again and in that wonderful world of magic and make-believe. But the real secret is that it holds important teachings about Life and Love and each person’s Soul Journey. Every single reader will find many aspects which he or she can relate to and refer to time and time again. It is written by a man with HEART - for Old and Young alike, men, women and children with HEART! “I would love to see it as an animated Film - but it would need someone special to produce it!”


Lucille Bartholomew

74, Retired

What makes a good fairy story? Adventures, plenty of excitement, cliff-hanger endings; some frightening situations that turn out all right in the end; some scary baddies who are vanquished. It also needs a central character who is engaging, energetic and not-too-perfect – someone we can identify with; and (since fairy stories are for grown-ups too) an idyllic world where we can eat six hearty meals a day without a trace of guilt! “Ifflepinn Island has all of these, and more; and Muz Murray writes with an eye for detail that makes you feel you are right there, in the thick of the action as Iffleplum (our hero) gets into a fight over a cake, or is part of the organised chaos as the crew of a very special boat haul in a teeming catch, not of fish, but of elfin-hearts… “As in all the best fairytales, there is a deeper message that is apparent but not laboured, and gives the story a meaning and consistency which resonates in the soul and makes you want to immerse yourself in the story again and again. This is a story which works on many different levels, giving pleasure to children of all ages (as the saying goes), and leaves a warmth in the heart.”


Richard Comley


Reading Iffleplum Island by Muz Murray, I was entranced and transported to a land that is not only magical, but mystical. The book is full of words of wisdom that touched my heart and rang with truth: truth that is woven around an ingenious and original story pregnant with humour and excitement. I would highly recommend this book to spiritual seekers and children of all ages from 5 years old to 105 years old.”


Tarananda Osborne

Isle of Wight (age 55)

This is a tale with a likeable hero, tales of derring-do, told with humour. The story leads you along through the many adventures of Iffleplum as he undertakes his quest. You laugh with him, cry with him, gasp at what seem impossible tasks. There are cliffhangers which make you wonder if he will manage to carry on, if he will survive. Iffleplum surmounts them all—even when he doesn’t quite know how. Each time I can’t wait to discover what happens next. “As a fan of fantasy and someone who has read widely in the genre I have found this tale to be up there with the best of them. What is more I have tried it with my children and grandchildren who age from 6 yrs to 18 yrs and they all loved it and found something in the tale for them. This is its strength – it is well written and has messages for adults, while having appeal for children. It is a tale you can revisit time and again and always find something new. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good read.”


Mary Kersey


Muz Murray’s story of Ifflepinn Island is a joy to the spirit. Each time I listen to him retelling the story, the obvious love he has for all the characters, and the esoteric meaning that oozes from paragraph to paragraph cannot help but touch ones soul. “This story is an enchanting, magical journey, leading to the core of ones own BEING if one has the ears to hear and the eyes to see. Couched in humour and with touching little extras like Iffleplum’s nose changing colour with his emotions and feelings and Fluffruff—the frightened vegetarian wolf with a lisp—brilliant! “It touches the child within me. I’m 53 but when I listen to the story, I feel like an awed 6-yr old again: it’s magical. How I wish I had been introduced to Ifflepinn Island as child instead of ‘Five Go to Smugglers Cove’ (Enid Blighton); still, better late than never.”


Mirabai Huntley

age 53

This is a really fantastic story! It is written with delightful poetic sensitivity in richly coloured language. The descriptions are so evocative that one can easily visualize every scene throughout the whole book. It also contains many beautiful and deep teachings for understanding life. A work of incredible imagination! It merits being considered as a new classic of literature. All accolades to the author!!!”


Marianne Drommer

age 58

What is so amazing with your drawings, is that it is as if you are drawing what I see too when you read the story. The pictures really do match the ones in my head. Thank you.”


Anna Cavill

I love this book! Muz’s unique style, perhaps slightly reminiscent of Tolkien, but with a lighter touch, makes it a joy to read or listen to. To children, it is just another lovely, if special, fairy story; but to the adult mind it is full of meaning and mystery.

Each time I read it, I find something I missed or forgot before. This is a great book to be read from early childhood to the depths of old age—unputdownable!”



Andrew Holland

age 13

I was asked to read Ifflepinn Island for the purposes of an honest review and was pleased to do so.

This story is something of a rollicking adventure in the life of Iffleplum, who is an Ifflepinn: an until-now unknown phenomenon. (The Ifflepinns felt like something of a cross between a human of four years, a playful puppy and a young bear… but that was just my feeling.) Iffleplum, it seems, longs for adventure… and finds it!

The first thing which is clearly evident when reading this story is the strong emotional connection which the author has to each and every detail, each character and crafted line which he has written. And the second thing is that the artwork, also produced by the author, is a delight, evoking a sense of fun and mischief.

Although the story is written in an almost jovial banter, there are some scary characters in there (but not overwhelmingly so, and which I feel most modern-day children will probably enjoy,) and a large assortment of encounters for Iffleplum to learn about life from.

Charming expressions abound in this book, so many I barely know where to begin and I’m sure there will be readers who will wrap themselves around this unique writing style and love it … ‘roundyhouses’, ‘a garden full of froaks’, accompanied by the delightful drawings of the most feral looking ‘froaks’ splashing and croaking; sure to put a smile on your face.

Ifflepinn Island is a long story. I think it’s the sort of book which would suit being read to children over a period of weeks or perhaps in segments over some months. I can see that it being something of an adventure for those lucky children who have a ‘reader.’

There are many unusual words not common to the English language in Ifflepinn Island, (an Appendix explains their meanings and pronunciations,) and often quite adult terms and words, so young children will most likely need this story to be read to them.

The two above factors made it hard for me to determine which age group this book was targeted to, but the rhythm and the rhyme of the writing style, and the sheer joy and fun of the thing with its morals, quirks and lessons should prove to be a lovely experience for anyone with a longing for the different story with a ‘faery influence’ and to meet creatures and beings which are unusual and vibrant."


Deby Adair

At Unicorn Kisses on Facebook: Publisher. Artist. Author of ‘The Unicorns of Wish’

This is an exciting children's book of myth and magic, which is distinctive for the gentle and humorous way it expresses spiritual truths. For woven throughout this colourful tale of enchantment are keen insights drawn from the author's own lifelong, mystic quest – and this gives the work hidden depths and makes it especially valuable.

The author has a vivid imagination and is a good story teller as well as being a skilled artist. His line drawings adorn the pages as he evokes a world of fairy folk and strange creatures, who speak quaint languages of his own invention. Muz is adroit in the use of words as he conjures up an atmosphere of mystery and wonder to engage his young readership, but he also has a lively sense of fun. This enables him to impart principles of wholesome spiritual living with a light touch – so they hit home and make their point effectively.

The book is dedicated to the author's daughter, who became the first devoted fan of its central character, who is an ifflepinn - that is say a talking animal in the fabled land of Aelfylon, which is protected from the menacing outer world by a ring of magic mountains. This little animal's name is Iffleplum and we closely follow his daring exploits as he leaves his home to explore the Out-Lands in a bid to recover his precious, elfin heart, which he has lost.

Plumkin's true heart of hearts escaped him, because he did not look after it properly- and he will need all the determination and courage he can muster to find it again. Along the way he will encounter all sorts of challenging situations, which will test his mettle to the utmost. The plot that unfolds is full of unexpected, twists and turns, but it is quite complex too and needs to be followed with close attention. I would agree with the author that It comes to life best perhaps when it is read out loud.

This is a most rewarding and unusual tale, which cleverly mirrors the spiritual path and will be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. It is a narrow way and steep sometimes, but it leads unfailingly to the inmost truth of things eventually – no matter how many obstacles have to be bravely met and overcome in the process.


Philip Pegler

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