Ifflepinn Island -

An extraordinary lyrical fantasy for green-growing children and evergreen adults

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If you are hungry for a new magical tale in the classic genre of the “Narnia Chronicles” and “The Hobbit”, then “Ifflepinn Island” has come to your rescue!

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One of many Five-Star reviewers says:

 “Ifflepinn Island is gripping and delightful. It is an all embracing story that covers time, space, age and taste. There are passages resembling elements from C.S Lewis chronicles, and Tolkien and Tolstoy epic masterpieces."


It is a creation that becomes part of your life, which you want to hear more of, but do not want to end. A fantasy book for all ages, with many pointers for our daily perception on life. I recommend it to children and adults alike.” 

                                                                                                         —Bobby Black

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Says the Author:

"Ifflepinn Island” has been compared to the similarly endearing and timeless quality of the “Wizard of Oz.”  One reviewer likened it to “Moomintroll meets the Hobbit, somewhere way beyond the far side of Narnia.”  So that may give you some idea of the genre. But it is not like any of them. I guarantee you have never read anything like it before."

Asked what he wants to do with this book, he replied

 “I want to stimulate the imagination of children with a magical sense of existence, while seeding their consciousness with life-enhancing secrets and positive attitudes. These are easily absorbed in the middle of the adventures of the hero, Iffleplum.