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Ifflepinn Island: Volume 1 - MP3 Download

Ifflepinn Island: Volume 1 - MP3 Album Download

Audiobook narrated by Muz Murray

A faerytale for green-growing children and evergreen adults.


At a glance, it could be seen that Iffleplum was no ordinary ifflepinn: but then - no ifflepinn ever is. Bored with just being an ifflepinn and living in a secret magical country, he dreams of dashing deeds and derring-do and saving damsels in distress. Like the Knights-errant in his Book of Legends, he seeks the praise of Kings and meetings with such legendary beings as Elves and Men. But on finding himself entrapped in a magic mushroom ring and menaced by the shambling shadow-creatures known as Gropes, he thinks again - too late!

"Don't throw your heart away on wild deeds," Iffle-mother Mumkin had warned him. But alas! when his wild wishes suddenly came true, Iffleplum was whisked away on a terrifying and unexpected trip. In shock, the spirit of his heart flew from his breast! It left him a wanderer with an empty heart. His long search for his lost elfin-heart, plunges him into the worlds of Half-Elves, Wise-Arks, Men and Goblins and more fantastical adventures than he ever dreamed, in which he learns many hidden secrets of life.


Part the First: Springshine - In which a Magical Horn is heard to sing, Ole Ifflepaw is followed by a furtive owl-eyed ragged thing, and Iffleplum innocently enjoys the Froaksday fair - little knowing what the day would bring!


Part the Second: The Storm-Pog's Warning - In which Iffleplum learns of a phantom Fisher-Boat and the tale of a Horrid Pog, while hatstruck Ifflepaw plays the chump and the family meets a Mufflewump.


The first two chapters of an esoteric epic faerytale fantasy.




“I bought the CDs for my grandson when they first came out, I think he was just 7 at the time; they were his favourite bedtime listening for years. Now he’s nearly 11. And although he has hundreds of CDs, videos and every electronic game imaginable, he still listens to Ifflepinn Island....  Really enjoyed reading the book myself before giving it as a gift to a child, the illustrations are awesome."


*****  Tara Grieves (Frome / Somerset)


"I loved your characterisation. It really brought the Ifflepinns and all the other creatures to life! The musical introductions work well too."


*****  Bob Lindsay-Smith


"I purchased this CD for myself several years ago and have listened to them over and over. The story never gets old. Mr. Murray's narrative is wonderous and magical and he sounds just like Gandalf. His emotion and wonder is palpable. I love them and I guarantee you and your children will too. Thanks Muzz."


*****  Don Pendleton


"Just wanted to let you know that your Ifflepinn CD is an absolute hit with our gang of (3 - 4 year old) children who listen to it every night. By the time you see them again they will know it by heart and will be ready for the next installment!!!"


***** Frances Yates (Grandmother)


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Ifflepinn Island: Volume 1 - MP3 Download

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