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Old Mother West Wind Tales is an updated version of the century-old classic by Thornton W. Burgess, rewritten in a lyrical and easier-to-read-aloud modern style.

Children will delight in the mischievous antics of the animals and birds of the Grassy Green Meadow, the Pollywig Pool, and the Windily Wood. All the old favourites--Johnny Chuck, fly-gobbling Grandfather Frog, Jimmy Skunk, and sly Reddy Fox—are joined in their adventures by new characters such as Billy Brock, little Zoëy Otter and her brother Otty, Sneezle the Weasel, and Toby Cockles the Terrapin.

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eBook £6.99

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  • How the Merry Little Breezes Saved Mrs. Redwing’s Eggs

  • Why Grandfather Frog has no tail

  • Why Jimmy Skunk wears stripes

  • How Pee-Tee the Prankster Rabbit got his Comeuppance

  • How Reddy Fox had a Terrible Fright

  • How Little Zoëy Otter Saved Grandfather Frog

  • How Johnny Chuck Found the Best Thing in the World

  • And many more delightful stories


 These wholesome and gentle rhyming tales from a timeless world will charm adults as well as children.

The book will appeal to lovers of Beatrix Potter, Brambly Hedge, Animals of Farthing Wood, and Wind in the Willows.

Please note:  The eBook version has colour photos of the animals, birds and reptiles, but the Paperback edition does not, due to pricing constraints.

UK Paperback £12.99

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eBook £6.99

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                                                         Editorial Reviews:

This is a book children will cherish.

   Sixteen stories follow the adventures of Old Mother West Wind and her Merry Little Breezes along with an assortment of resourceful characters. Pee-Tee Rabbit, Johnny Chuck, Sneezle the Weasel, Reddy Fox and other woodland dwellers who think and act very much like their creative, curious and often mischievous human counterparts.

    Murray’s lyrical language transports readers into a more

tranquil world where animals speak and have adventures in

the woods. They make choices both wise and ill-advised while

hey come to realize actions do have consequences. This is a

book that will grow with a reader as the stories open to

increasingly deeper levels of understanding. A young child will

focus on the animals and their antics. An older child will see

beneath the surface and gain insight into more complex

issues like friendship and forgiveness. The focus is always

on the plot, action and adventure while what the characters

learn is a subtle but integral part of the larger story.

   The tales have been retold as a work of love with all the joy

and excitement Murray felt as a boy growing up with the

original book. His skillful illustrations capture the wit and

beauty of the characters and add much to the collection.

   With a bit of the flavor of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows.  Murray’s updated version will still connect with today’s readers. At about 1500 words, these adventures are exactly the right length for a cozy bedtime read.

    A brief nonfiction section at the end of each story includes facts and pictures related to the featured animals. Who would guess that if frogs cram too much in their mouths, they must blink frequently to help them swallow the food? Who knew that badgers pass down the (Setts) tunnels they live in from family to family for perhaps, more than a hundred years?

   Written in relatable language, Murray has carefully chosen facts to interest and engage the child’s mind while extending their knowledge of the world of nature.

  Murray has breathed new life into much-loved tales from long ago. This is a book children will cherish and reread many times. As they grow into adults, readers will keep a well-worn copy to be able to share the joy and adventure with their children and grandchildren.

  Muz Murray is a spiritual teacher who has lived a dozen lifetimes worth of real life adventures.

—Ann Cavera Teacher (ret.) Middle Grade Literature  Author: Grounded in God


A Book for Keeps!

   “This is the most charming, comfortable children’s book I have ever read!  I love the author’s lyrical style and the animal facts added after new characters are brought into the stories.  Having read it in beta version, I am delighted to now have the actual book—and I highly recommend adding to your children’s library—or your own. “

—Corine Barnes


This is a lovely wholesome children's book that will also appeal to the young at heart!

This brilliant book takes the reader on a beautiful journey to the meet some of the animal kingdom's wildest characters. What a way to learn about our animal friends and their habits. What I especially loved about this great book was the facts given about the animals at the end of each chapter. Although the book was for my nephews, I learnt so much from it too about our animal friends. I highly recommend this great collection of marvelous stories.

— UK Customer


These tales are so refreshing!

   It was so refreshing to read these good, wholesome nature tales. As an adult {but young at heart) I enjoyed them immensely. It has made me look at our wildlife in a totally different way and imagine that they too have interesting little lives. It’s a great way for young children and adults too to learn about our furry and feathered friends. The nature notes at the end of each chapter were brilliant and very informative in a way I hadn’t really expected. My favourite story was definitely the last one “The best Thing in the World” - oh so true...

— Jean Draxler


What a wonderful upgrade!

   The adventures of these slightly mischievous animals are described with so much charm and poetry, making it far easier to read than the original stories. The narrative style is magical and easily flows off the tongue. The book is enhanced by the wonderful new illustrations. I also love the nature notes following each chapter, which give an insight into the real lives of the animals and birds in the stories. Parents who wish to cultivate a love of nature in their children should definitely add this collection of tales to their bookshelf.

 You will be in for many nights of fun and sweetness.

—Marianne Drommer


It really deserves to be a best-seller!

This is a book that will delight any child and indeed adult, and I myself found great joy in reading it to my grandchildren.

  Having read the original edition by Thornton Burgess, I found the way in which Muz Murray has re-written it is much more appealing to the reader. There is such life in his description of the characters; it’s almost like they’re jumping off the page. And the illustrations drawn by the author himself are truly amazing.

  What I also love about this book is at the end of each chapter there are photographs and a description and educational facts on the nature of the little animals                                                                                                                    

—Evelyn Rock


The next children’s classic?

Fabulous descriptions of animals and characters, with bits that made my grandchildren and I laugh out loud. It really brings them all to life. We found the nature notes very interesting and informative, a great learning tool, with photos of the animals written about. So facts, and amusing stories, what’s not to like? The chapters are just the right length for a bedtime story.

I loved the illustrations. Muz Murray is not only a talented writer but an artist as well. 

Could this become the next children's classic, after the original classic?

—Chris Hurst



What a delight!

"What a delight to read the escapades of the animals of the Grassy Green Meadow, Slurmy Swamp, Pollywig Pool, and the Laughing Brook, on the edge of the Windily Wood. Muz Murray cleverly brings them all to life; each character behaving true to its nature.

 I’m sure “Old Mother West Wind Tales” will be enjoyed by children and the child within the adult. The additional Nature Notes make it seem like two books in one: a lovely surprise! And we learn so much about the different animals. The book is beautifully illustrated by Muz’s expert hand-drawn ink and pencil drawings. And the bird and animal photos are gorgeous too."

—Christine Coveny


Enchanting and Masterfully Illustrated Stories

   Old Mother West Wind Tales is a beautiful collection of enchanting and masterfully illustrated stories. I could not help but smile while reading these delightful tales. The "Nature Notes" at the conclusion of each chapter are a wonderful addition to these whimsical little gems to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

—Michelle Elliott


What a wonderful book!

    What a beautiful mixture of glorious childhood, and educational information about flora and fauna. It awakens blissful childhood memories. Muz Murray has ‘renovated’ an ancient children's book in the best possible way and also introduces the real-life creatures who were the godfathers of the ‘contributors’, one after the other, with all kinds of facts. Reading—or even reading aloud—is a great pleasure.

 A book not only for the little ones, but also for the grown-ups. These are wonderful bedtime stories. Bet you love it? Dear Mr. Murray: THANK YOU!!!  You've done a great job in updating this rather old book!



 Great illustrations. The stories are wholesomely entertaining 


    I bought this to share with my children, and we've read a few stories already and are having a blast with it. The illustrations are really stellar too which definitely enhances the overall experience.

—Bryan Mitchell


A delightful 21st century reworking of this classic collection of animal stories for children.

 “Each of these imaginatively written, beautifully illustrated stories is accompanied by nature notes describing the habits and habitats of the denizens of Windily Wood. The tales are the perfect length for bedtime reading. This really is a classic to pass down through the generations.”

—Jan Bishop


An engrossing and charming read. 


What an absolute delight to read! This book has it all for children, and adults that are still in touch with their inner child. I read it to my grandchildren, and they were really upset when it was finished, they wanted it to go on, they loved it so much. They loved the pictures, and learning all about the different animals, and creatures. It really brought the book alive for them, they are 3,5,9 respectively. A book for children of all ages.


—Gilda Jayne Huntley


UK Paperback £12.99 / eBook £6.99

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