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Old Mother West Wind Tales

Old Mother West Wind Tales is an updated version of the century-old classic by Thornton W. Burgess, rewritten in a lyrical and easier-to-read-aloud modern style.

Children will delight in the mischievous antics of the animals and birds of the Grassy Green Meadow, the Pollywig Pool, and the Windily Wood. All the old favourites--Johnny Chuck, fly-gobbling Grandfather Frog, Jimmy Skunk, and sly Reddy Fox—are joined in their adventures by new characters such as Billy Brock, little Zoëy Otter and her brother Otty, Sneezle the Weasel, and Toby Cockles the Terrapin.




  • How the Merry Little Breezes Saved Mrs. Redwing’s Eggs

  • Why Grandfather Frog has no tail

  • Why Jimmy Skunk wears stripes

  • How Pee-Tee the Prankster Rabbit got his Comeuppance

  • How Reddy Fox had a Terrible Fright

  • How Little Zoëy Otter Saved Grandfather Frog

  • How Johnny Chuck Found the Best Thing in the World

  • And many more delightful stories


 These wholesome and gentle rhyming tales from a timeless world will charm adults as well as children.

The book will appeal to lovers of Beatrix Potter, Brambly Hedge, Animals of Farthing Wood, and Wind in the Willows.

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Old Mother West Wind Tales

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