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Ifflepinn Island Paperback

Ifflepinn Island - Paperback

Written & illustrated by Muz Murray

© Muz Murray 2014

ISBN: 9781782010524

Format: Paperback, 5.5"x8.5", 408 pages, 54 Illustrations


At last! After sixty years in-the-writing, my long-awaited faerytale fantasy, "Ifflepinn Island" is finally published!


Our hero, Iffleplum—no ordinary ifflepinn—loses the spirit of his heart through fantasising knightly deeds of derring-do and battling monsters merely for the favour of a king.


“Don’t throw your heart away on wild deeds,” his Iffle-mother Mumkin had warned him. But alas! when his wild wishes suddenly come true, in fearful shock, the spirit of his heart flies out as he is whisked away on a terrifying and unexpected trip! Left a wanderer with an empty heart, his search to recapture his elfin-spirit once again plunges him into strange worlds and stranger encounters with Half-Elves, Wise-Arks, Men and Ghòrs, Trolls and Ogres, and more fantastical adventures than he ever dreamed, while learning many of life’s secrets along the way.


The story basically cultivates the message to “always follow one’s heart.” But it covers many other aspects to stimulate a child’s imagination. Sprinkled seamlessly throughout the narrative are spiritual insights regarding life and the after death state, the effects of thoughts, feelings and desires in the ether and other planes of existence. It also touches on meditation, timelessness, karma, Out-of-the-Body Experience, ecology and environmental issues, nature spirits, self-identity, Shabda Yoga, vegetarianism, freedom from fear and a sense of the deep mystical secrets of life (all explained in the simplest terms, appreciated by both children and adults alike).


Come! Let the Heartboat carry you away to Ifflepinn Island on an adventure like no other!


My editors believe this could be the emergence of a new children's classic—especially-for-adults—like all good solid read-aloud bedtime stories are.


Hint: First editions of children’s classics are always coveted in later years and eventually command huge prices from collectors.


Make an investment in enchantment and order your copy now!




"A beautifully crafted tale of a search for his lost ‘childhood heart/soul/spirit’ through extraordinary worlds by the central character, Iffleplum.

The illustrations are enchanting. Words fail to describe how good this book is.

This deserves to be a children’s classic!"


*****  Zeta (Amazon reader)


"It was amazing!

Fantastic book to read aloud to kids, and I plan on doing so when mine's old enough to listen. Ifflepinn Island is such a grand, touching, unexpected (and sometimes quite dark) tale - a mix of The Hobbit and The Wizard of Oz with Murray's own unique twist. Dive in for a brilliant tale of the power of the heart and mind, the Song of the Universe, and what happens to us when we think our thoughts and dream our dreams.”


*****  Kathrin Hutson


"When I was a child I would have loved this utterly enchanting book. It’s engaging, rhythmical, melodious, adventurous, exciting & tenderly draws the reader (of all ages) into the magical land of Ifflepinns, Froaks, Ogres, stately Galleons & much more. It takes one on a magical voyage into Fairy Rings and the land of Ælfylon. The suspense mounts as one makes this epic journey with its lead character the endearing Iffleplum.

As an adult I was mesmerised by the sound & poetry of the words & the spiritual content of this adorable story. A MUST for children of all ages!"


*****  Anna Olsen


"This book is a tour de force, a saga, an epic work of fiction. It contains a sequence of stories which move the hero (Iffleplum) and me (the reader) through worlds inhabited by different mythical creatures, charmingly described and often illustrated.

Personalities and ideas are very relevant to our own world. Along the way, the hero learns life lessons, which are handled gracefully.

Each chapter is more or less complete in itself, and often ends with a cliffhanger for the hero. I wish that I still had parental responsibility for a young or youngish child to whom I could read the book in instalments! But as the author says on the title page, it's also for all 'evergreen' adults to enjoy.

I read several chapters at a time - couldn't put the book down!"


*****  Bob Lindsay-Smith - An epic work of fiction


"Ifflepinn Island deserves to be a children's classic. I would give it six stars if I could. It was a delight to discover this book. It is a rare gem standing well above the exponentially increasing number of children's books hitting the market. Written in a unique style with words that are intricately woven. it is filled with alliteration which children love and clever word play that adults will appreciate. As the words flow across the pages, they pull you ever deeper into the story. Children and adults alike cannot fail to be entranced by the illustrations. All will come to understand the important messages the writer conveys through little Iffleplum on his adventurous journey to find his lost heart. A great story."


*****  Christina Clarry (Author)


"Ifflepinn Island by Muz Murray is a whimsical story set in a little village over the hills and far away. One day, the villagers wake up to see their gardens filled with froaks. Inside the Ifflesnug, young Iffleplum realizes that it is not an ordinary day; it is the first day of Spring. Because of foolish bravado, Iffleplum loses the spirit of his heart in shock. The story takes an unexpected turn as Iffleplum goes in search of his wayward elfin-heart. Will Iffleplum be able to regain his heart and return back to Merryvale?

The story has many dimensions to it and stimulates the imaginations of young readers with its wonderful characters, like Ifflepaw, Mumkin, Froaks, Eavesdroppers, Grubbin Hawkweed, Fluffykins (the timid vegetarian wolf), and the scary shadow-creatures known as "Gropes". The magical moments will captivate readers and the author’s detailed descriptions make the scenes vivid. A lot of messages and insights run through the plot, and the author weaves them in seamlessly amid all the excitement, suspense, and adventures that happen as the story progresses. Children will be transported to another world and will enjoy reading this adventure story as it takes them to unknown places where they otherwise would not imagine going!

The illustrations are delightful and they breathe life into the characters and scenes as readers get to see many spiritual insights along with the adventure, humor, and pathos. Every chapter will keep readers guessing as to what is going to happen next. This book is a must-read for all children who love excitement, adventure, and whimsy"


*****  Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite


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Ifflepinn Island Paperback

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