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Agni Hotra - MP3 Album Download

Agni Hotra - MP3 Album Download


Track A: Muz Murray explains the practical and spiritual significance of the Agni Hotra and Homa fire ceremony for use in your own home. The materials and method of preparation are described, as well as the profound esoteric meanings of the mantras, whose vibrations together with the combustion of elements create the alchemical condition of cosmic healing. The sacred fire is a tool for spiritual transformation.


Track B: An actual sunset Agnihotra ceremony in progress, with fifty chanters, the occasional crackling of the fire and the almost magical mantras for mental, physical and spiritual healing. Mantras: Agni Hotra, Gayatri, Maha Mrityunjaya, Panchakshara Homa.


(this atmospheric recording, with fire crackles, was not done in a studio and you may need to increase your volume accordingl


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Agni Hotra - MP3 Album Download

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