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Cosmic Moments - CD

Cosmic Moments - CD

by Brahmananda Saraswati (Sri Ramamurti) and the Sanskrit Choir of Ananda Ashram


A beautiful musical rendering of devotional chants by Brahmananda Saraswati (Sri Ramamurti) and the Sanskrit Choir of Ananda Ashram, Monroe, USA., with passages by master sitarists Roop Verma and Ramchandra Mistry. These delightful kirtana (or devotional songs sung to the accompaniment of musical instruments) are refreshingly purifying. They never fail to elevate the spirit and remain a balm for the heart and a bath for the soul on each hearing. Heaven is yours for a song (or two).



A booklet containing the text and esoteric interpretations of the mantras on the Cosmic Moments recording is available for purchase.



  1. Govindashtakam
  2. Ramam Kamarisevyam
  3. Lingastakam
  4. Tvam Eva Mata
  5. Ganga-Stotram
  6. Worship of Bala Mukunda
  7. Vishvanatha-Astakam to Shiva
  8. Invocation to The Guru
  9. Kirtan
  10. Hymn to Ramachanda
  11. Classic Drupad-Style Sitar
  12. Radhika Virahe (From Gita Govinda)
  13. Ramnam
  14. Shanti Pathah
  15. Unity Mantra
  16. Tvam Eva Mata & Radhika Virahe




"This is a very uplifting and inspiring CD.Definately worth buying."


*****  Barbara Harrison


"I love this cd. I have played it over and over again.. Beautiful versions of Lingastakam and Ganga-Stotram. I sometimes play these during savasana at the end of the yoga classes that I teach. I definitely recommend it! Om Shanti"


*****  Marianne Simonin


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Cosmic Moments - CD

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