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Nadam - Meditation Music - CD

Nadam - Meditation Music - CD

by Roop Verma


Sacred and magical music of the sitar and tamboura, transporting one into higher realms and playing upon the chords of the soul, easing away life's tensions and bringing about a deep and refreshing relaxation.


Words cannot describe its effect. These two Ragas are ‘sound-energy’ forms set and composed according to universal laws, being specifically designed for spiritual attunement in the early morning and evening. To bring your body-mind and spirit into tune with these times of day, Roop cautions: “It is important to listen to the morning Raga in the morning only and the evening Raga only in the evening.”



Track 1: Raga Gujri Todi (for morning practice) 28 min.
Track 2: Raga Bhupali (for evening practice) 28 min.


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Nadam - Meditation Music - CD

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