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Never Mind the Mind - CD

Never Mind The Mind (36 mins)

by Muz Murray


Is your mind bugging you?


Delving deeply into that malfunctioning aspect of consciousness we call 'mind', Muz Murray narrates this widely appreciated seminal chapter 'Never Mind the Mind' from his book 'Sharing the Quest'.  If you are harassed by non-stop thinking, this is an important key to understanding how your fictitious 'mind' functions. 


The CD covers:

  • Is your mind making you ill?
  • How your thoughts create illness or energy
  • Are you repeating anti-mantras that are holding you back?
  • Where was mind when you grew from sperm?
  • Do you actually 'possess' a mind or does it possess you?
  • How to understand your mental machinations
  • The key to overcoming the mind
  • Step by step observation of thoughts
  • The 'carpet-pulling' technique to Samadhi
  • Never Mind Mindfulness: practice mindlessness


If you are the one who prefers to listen and absorb when relaxing in the bath or driving in the car, or while cutting vegetables, giving a massage or whatever, then this is the recording for you!




"Muz has a way of explaining things which I find enlightening.
This is a very interesting insight - which I had not previously thought of.
A nice production and worth every bit of the selling price (or even more!)"


***** Stuart Grahame


"I love this recording and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in spiritual growth. Although I've been exposed to these same ideas in various forms for many years, I find for myself that it is so easy to forget the truth. This recording is a great reminder, especially since it is so clear and easy to understand."


***** Karen G.


"Very profound. An eye opener so to speak. It touches on a lot of things that I've always known but relates to them in a much more understanding way. I feel very blessed to have heard this work and look forward to more from this author. I will definitely encourage others to check it out."


***** Kim Hoehne


"A wonderfully narrated book full of timeless wisdom. It was a powerful reminder that the MIND is the only true source of pain and separation and that no healing on the mind level can possibly ever be permanent. Through listening to it, my mind let go a little (or maybe even a lot) and I was anchored me back into a higher state of being. A profound experience just playing the audio even if not properly listening I would say. A very enriching trigger to get anyone back to their true self."


***** Helen Paige


"Thanks for the opportunity to review your Never Mind the Mind. While my first thought was that there were those who might be offended by the statement early in the recording that one might not be doing so well with a mind, I realized that your recording is meant to be humorous and the point may well be not to take oneself too seriously.

Your voice is very audiogenic, if that is a word, in other words clear and pleasant to hear. The recording seems to be of high quality and I believe this would be marketable as a podcast or other audio venue."


****  Mary C. Blowers


"Listen with Muz!

Thanks so much for this sweetly delivered and easily understandable description detailing the simplicity of spiritual practice. How can we "catch the bull", this powerful, rampaging flow of thoughts, that we all know can drive us crazy with its endless reporting of "how things are"? Your step by step account of how we become enmeshed in such painful illusion, which brings together both Eastern and Western understanding of the nature of mind, is one of the finest descriptions I have encountered. The recounting of your experience of the cessation of thought and the co-incident clear seeing will resonate with many and is worth the price of the recording alone. May you keep on passing the prasad, (the spiritual gifts) you have received."


***** Stefan L.


"This is a priceless and wonderful audio-book! It is a great tool for anyone wanting to overcome the stresses of life in understanding the nature of the mind. Everything is crystal clear! I would recommend to everyone, lucky enough to come across this recording to apply the guidance for their welfare and happiness.

Emptying the mind has been a turning point for me and changed my whole life.... I'm so grateful for Muz and his guidance.

The mellow tone of his voice is easy to listen to and guess what : "this makes me want to read the whole book again!"


*****  Marianne Drommer


"The chapter ‘Never Mind the Mind’ is an example of the author’s simple profundity… If we read and re-read this section regularly, it alone makes the book worth buying. But there is much more of similar value and no aspirant should be without Muz Murray as a compassionate guide."

*****  Howard Kent— Television Yoga presenter and Founder-Editor of “Yoga & Health


   "I learned more from this chapter than from all the indecipherable yoga books I have bought."


*****Leslie Smith-Dow (Yoga Student)


***** Anonymous reviewer


We Should All Do This!

   “It is all about the mind - being able to 'take charge' is something which needs to be learned. Never Mind the Mind helped me to do just that! 




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Never Mind the Mind - CD

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