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Songs of Silence - MP3 Album Download

Songs of Silence - MP3 Album Download

by Muz Murray


Maestro Muz Murray (Ramana Baba) leads his chant-group students in an hour-long dynamic Mantra Meditation session, firstly intoning a series of energising mantras, followed by a half-hour of deeply moving gentle mantras for instilling peace and tranquillity, with a selection of heart-opening, reverential, loving and lullaby mantras, (all those as practised in the weekend workshops) as a meditative experience.


This recording consists entirely of Sanskrit chanting.


Instruction Leaflet

The CD comes with an instruction leaflet for mantra chanting.



  1. Om, Fluctuating Om, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namo Narayanaya, Rama-Rama, Bhaja Govindam, Radha Krishnam, Brahmanandam, Shanta Karam, Karuna Jaladhim
  2. Salutations to Shiva and Vishnu, Paramanandam, Ya-Ra-La-Vam, Tvam Eva Mata, Om Shanti, Oo-Om
  3. Om, Jagadishvara, Arunachata Shiva, Ramnam, Karara Vindena





“Hearing you chanting and listening to your recording on mantra has opened my eyes to a whole new field of experience. Mantra has opened many doors and it gets deeper and more enchanting daily. I am getting into it with renewed zest. The vibes are getting very strong and I get feelings of love, tranquillity, and real joy to be alive, coming up inside me and flooding my consciousness. Before I started chanting I would sometimes curl up and wish I was dead. Now I encounter such beauty around me I just want to dissolve into it.

How can I repay you for what you have done to me?”


***** James Souttar


"If you need to be uplifted,sit comfortably and join in with Muz and his students chanting on this CD.

The more you play the CD and become familiar with the chants,speaking from experience, the deeper will be your ongoing feelings of relaxation and wellbeing."


***** Barbara Harrison


"I was very privileged to be a member of the group when this was recorded. Listening to it now, it has just as much influence on me as it did at the time......wonderful. It takes me totally out of this ordinary place to somewhere far out in the cosmos, and to an inner peace."


***** Shirley Marsden


"Just having heard your wonderful CD, I am still vibrating…Your chanting has become so rich and powerful and soft at the same time. And your voice! Since a long time it was like a tender touch on the heart, now it has changed. It is no more a smooth touch, but a strong and subtle embrace of every shade in the human cosmic space. Your voice has become so rich, so full of fragrances of all the different states of mind of a human being. What kind of experiences must you have lived to chant in this way? Your chanting opens up all the cells in the body. It is like being drawn by the embrace of Ramana Maharshi."


***** Uma Wurster


"Songs of Silence consists of a thirty-minute mantra mediation, with the chanting done on a reciprocal basis, making it easy to follow. The second part has mantras for instilling peace and tranquillity, such as Om Jagadishvara, and Sri Ram Jay Ram.

Muz Murray creates the most amazing range of vibration and is ably assisted by his group. Both Cds are well produced... and I would whole heartedly recommend them.

The Sound of Silence is an excellent introduction for a newcomer to mantra, and Songs of Silence for further practice."


***** Jan James, Spectrum journal


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Songs of Silence - MP3 Album Download

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