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Surya Dhyana - MP3 Album Download

Surya Dhyana - MP3 Album Download

A Guided Visualisation on the Inner Sun


Surya (Solar) Yoga is an ancient practical method of focalising consciousness (dhyana) at the spiritual heart centre, awakening loving warmth in spirit and giving the lustre of light to your eyes to which even strangers respond. While visualising an Inner Sun in the centre of your being, coupled with the natural flow of your breath, loving radiations pour out your soul’s warmth to all creation, while protecting you from absorbing any negative energies from your environment and attuning you to a feeling Oneness with the world.


This visualisation an extended version of the “Inner Sun” breathing practice used at the commencement of my Mantra Workshops (as described in “Healing the Sickness of the Soul,”  the last chapter of Sharing the Quest). As the portal of Omnipresent Consciousness is in the heart region, this practice is an ideal method of stabilising consciousness—not in the head--but at its source of arising, where you naturally sense the centre of your being to be.  


For best results, it is advisable to practice simple Sun-conscious breathing by focalising on the breath and the Inner Sun before going to sleep at night and then mentally visualise it again before your head is off the pillow in the morning. Remain conscious of that sun-space throughout the day and walk and talk from there.


As one reviewer of Sharing the Quest wrote:


“With this practice alone, you will come to realise what a difference it makes to your life.”


“The practices of Solar Yoga are geared towards the rediscovery of this state of union through a sustained discipline of concentration on pure Light and on the emanations of Light as vibration, energy, breath and movement.” - Yogacharya Janakiraman  in Solar Yoga





  “Surya Dhyana is a wonderful sadhana. It will very quickly take the aspirant beyond the boundaries of the body and the sense of ego. The effect on the consciousness can be felt immediately. After the completion of Surya Dhyana the aspirant will feel the beneficial effects throughout the day.


  Very highly recommended. “


 *****Richard L


"I use this most mornings as part of my Spiritual practice and it leaves me feeling so tranquil, balanced, full of love and joy and ready for whatever the day may bring. Having experienced this practice many times with Muz there in person at workshops, I feel a direct connection with him whenever I use this CD and the extended version is blissful. I am now going to download the MP3 version onto my phone so that I can use it without the need for a computer or CD player."


***** Mayananda


   “Muz describes a simple mental exercise which anyone can perform, designed to induce a state of ‘sun-consciousness’, or ‘spiritually-illumined intuitive receptivity’. It is an exercise which, having tried it, I can say it works.”


*****Linda Williamson  (Light magazine)




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Surya Dhyana - MP3 Album Download

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