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The Sound of Silence - MP3 Album Download

The Sound of Silence - MP3 Album Download

by Muz Murray


Tracks 1 & 2: Mantracharya Muz Murray’s fascinating exploration into the secrets of sound and the practical, mystical and psychotherapeutic aspects of Mantra. Includes the pronunciation and Tantric practice of the Sanskrit Alphabet for mantrically toning and recharging the bodily forces and energies of each plexus.


Tracks 3 to 9: Group chanting of the Mantric Alphabet, the method of intoning Om in both single and fluctuating styles, the ‘Sushumna Rocket’ energising sequence, Om Namah Shivaya, Rama-Rama, Bhaja Govindam and other mantrams, including the explanation and practice of the glorious Gayatri Mantra and Tvam Eva Mata.


Instruction Leaflet

The CD comes with an instruction leaflet for chanting the Sanskrit Alphabet.



  • Introduction to Mantra
  • Alphabet Intro
  • Alphabet Chanting
  • OM & Fluctuating OM
  • Sushumna Rocket Intro
  • Sushumna Rocket
  • Salutations to the Divine
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Tvam Eva Mata





“Your Sound of Silence is formidable! I already listened to it twice; it’s wonderful. And so saying, without exaggeration, I love enormously the Introduction to Mantras, especially your explanation of the “Word” of the Bible and everything else you explain.

Muz, you enrich my spirit, and for that I thank you.”


***** José Meizer (Paris)


"The Sound of Silence — An Introduction to the Study of Mantra

It has been a real treat to listen and practice with these recordings. Muz Murray says in his introduction that a recording can never replace the immediate effect of live chanting, but his enthusiasm, sense of humour, depth of knowledge and wonderfully vibrant voice comes across well, and make an excellent background for practice.

The Sound of Silence introduces mantra, giving a clear explanation of the meaning of the word and the use of the Sanskrit Alphabet in chanting, described as a “vibrational grammar which teaches one to transcend language and enter into the universal vibration.” These sounds have a tangible physiological and psychological effect and, as Muz Murray says, waken “dormant centres of the brain.”

He warns that the chanting of mantras may bring to the surface that we have kept bottled up, sometimes for many years, as mantras work on every cell of the body, helping to release tensions caused by the suppressed pains.

Muz explains the fundamental importance of vibration and the consequences of being out of tune with our bodies and minds, our minds with our emotions, ourselves with the universe. He tells us of the experience that led him to realise that “it was sound which created form, and held in shape all the visible material of the universe.”

The practical part begins with five minutes of preparation in the form of Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, after which the Sanskrit alphabet is introduced and chanted on a reciprocal basis with a group of students. The chanting of Om is explained, emphasising throughout the use of controlled breathing. The group of students obviously enjoyed the series of sounds—“a-o-u-ee” which are used to dramatic effect for “blowing the cobwebs out of the brain.” Next comes an explanation of the use of the Gayatri Mantra and finally the mantra Tvam eva Mata."


***** Jan James, Spectrum Journal


"Part A: Begins with an introductory lecture on Mr. Murray’s researches and insights into mantra, and fascinating stuff it is too! This clear and informative exposition traces the uses of the potency of sound from ancient times, from the Vedas and the Bible, to the present day scientific assessment of the universe as basically vibration.

These spiritual sonics have, without doubt, a close tie with the ground of reality and the ability to lead us there if we will but try: the link between sound and consciousness, sound and body function, has wide implications.

Mr. Murray then leads us to the practice, beginning with the preparations – breath control – mental attitude, and grounding in the Sanskrit vowels and consonants.

Part B: Continues with group chanting of theses elements, which is given at some length. Then to Aum, with advice on its delivery (extended), and other major mantras of Om Namah Shivaya and Gayatri. The group works up an impressive resonance and the listener is given plenty of opportunity to participate.

On the whole, one couldn’t think of a better introduction to the lore of mantra, suitable for both private practice and as instructive material for the class."


***** Brian Netscher, Yoga Today


   The Sound of Silence is a fascinating account of the secret and profound world of mantra practice.  Muz conveys his knowledge and passion for the healing power of Mantra in a riveting account of his own experience but also seen from a higher universal perspective that leaves us feeling as though thanks to Mantra our life will never be the same again... and it won't!


***** Vanessa Georghieu                                                                             


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The Sound of Silence - MP3 Album Download

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