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Yoga Nidra - Reviews

I found a lovely shop called “Mysteries” near Covent Garden. They had a vast collection of relaxation tapes and I asked the vendor for the best possible one, and without a moment’s hesitation he reached for “Yoga Nidra” by a certain Muz Murray. His recommendation was so glowing in every way, I purchased the recommended item, and I am totally delighted with it. Brilliant! I am well into it. Just thought you might like to know.


Mick Dillon


I want to say how grateful I am for the wonderful, positive relaxation I experienced from this recording; especially valuable during a recent illness.


W. A. Martin


This really does lead you to a state of deep and beautiful relaxation. Pure indulgence of 'me time', that can be shared in a group, or used alone. Whichever way you choose, you will love it, and want to listen time and again.


Shirley Marsden

Yoga Nidra has helped me sleep for many years and very seldom have I heard the end.


Jessie Trueland

I’ve been recommending Muz’s Yoga Nidra CD to my trainee teachers and yoga students for many years, because I don’t think it could easily be bettered. Listen to Muz’s warm and gentle tones and his carefully chosen words and I’m sure you too will be convinced.


Michael Hutchinson

I have used your Yoga Nidra Cd every night for years I and still do. I find it a fantastic way to cope with everyday stresses of life and also to cope with pain. It has worked for me and it has changed my life, despite the fact that I suffer a serious condition in which I have had both my lower lobes of my lungs surgically removed. The trick is to practice it every day even when you feel ok and consider that you do not need to listen to it. Gradually you become free of stress and you can cope with anything that life throws at you. You will find that you make decisions without effort and you will feel permanently happy and life will be so much better. Finally I have discovered that being stress-free helps my body heal itself and my pain is subsequently reduced


Colin Bell Proctor


I bought Muz Murray's Yoga Nidra some time ago and absolutely love it. I have bought several other meditation/relaxation tapes by other people but this is by far the best one!!


Rose-Marie Sorokin

You may like to know I’ve been to bed with you for the past 12 years! After following your Yoga Nidra every evening, I get the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had. All my workaday tension flows away and I drop off easily. A thousand thanks!


Jenny Myers

I practice your Yoga Nidra CD every day, sometimes twice a day, and I think it's wonderful. I'd be lost without it! I always recommend you highly whenever I teach Yoga Nidra. I have owned 4 copies of Yoga Nidra and can honestly say yours is the only one I have ever recommended.


Carrie-Anne Bridel

Those fortunate enough to have been at Muz’s sessions at the (BWY) Congress will need no elaboration on the pleasant, soft-voice guiding the experiences on this CD; nor will it be any surprise to them to learn that the pace is slow and more or less ideal, and the diction unfailingly peaceful. All this is complemented by the gentle sitar music of Ramchandra Mistry, which remains appropriately distanced and truly in the background.

The Yoga Nidra sequence features most of the usual elements, the Resolution, the rapid rotation of consciousness around the different physiological locations, followed by the withdrawal of consciousness from the body, etc. There is considerable emphasis placed upon the idea that the body sleeps while the consciousness remains alert—the resolution of the apparent contradiction involved in the use of the concept nidra in relaxation...

What is most impressive about this experience, however, is the depth of relaxation achieved – largely through breathing; ‘Breathe in “calm”, breath out “relax”,’ though partly, also, through the profoundly relaxing quality of the intonation – and the positive effect of the whole sequence.

On The Cosmic Candle, we are eased into a meditative state through guided visualisation in a way which makes this a real continuation of the first experience. This is a Candle Meditation with a difference, in which the meditator imagines himself as the candle and in which the inner light, as the flame burns, gradually melts away the outer body, dissolving distinctions between inner and outer, self and universe. Badly done, this could have turned out to be disturbing and negative; but Muz manages to maintain almost perfect balance and the result is profound and inspiring.

As the distinction between self and universe disappears, we are led to feel the ‘vastness of Space within and the millions of points of light’; overcoming what Alan Watts called ‘the skin encapsulated Ego,’ we experience a little of the unity not only of the individual and the All, but the atomic and the cosmic too. Muz’s insight and compassion provide exactly the right guide and the journey through Space, Light, Inner Sound and Love.


Malcolm Ashworth

Spectrum –The British Wheel of Yoga Journal

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Yoga Nidra — Yoga’s sleepless sleep, begins with relaxation in the supine position. Then, to the accompaniment of gentle sitar music, Mr. Murray in a quiet voice talks the listener stage by stage into the relaxed but aware state of luminous consciousness."

“It is not you that is breathing, but the universe that is breathing you” — the words guide one into directing the attention to various parts of the body: then to the withdrawal of outer consciousness, gently talked into; sleep rises up the body in slow waves until only the consciousness is awake in the inert flesh. Afterwards, with equal slowness, the journey is taken back to normal wakefulness, refreshed and uplifted.

The Guided Candle Meditation — One sits erect and visualises oneself cast out of wax, as a gigantic candle, the spine the upright wick and surmounted by the glowing flame. The subject is guided into the sensations and perceptions of a visualised meditation — light and warmth suffuse the cells throughout the body as the muscles melt like the wax they are supposed to be. Then the awareness spreads outwards in space in every direction so that the individual expands and melts into the universe. For those new to mediation or find formless meditation still beyond them, this kind of talk-in can be a valuable help; it should certainly be effective with most students.

Altogether a very useful CD.



Yoga Today

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