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You are now entering the Portal leading towards Self-Realization, via Mysticism, Advaita and Mantra-Yoga. Discover here transformational tools for

self-understanding, spiritual insights and practical methods for uplifting the quality of your life.


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 Inspirational books for Self-Understanding and personal practice, that will help to take you where you want to be. One reviewer says Muz Murray’s writing “touches those parts of the soul most other books don’t reach’—or even speak about.”


An uplifting and mystical tale in the tradition of “The Hobbit” and the “Narnia Chronicles”, that will carry you away into a timeless world. Also four narrated audio chapters with music, character voices and sound effects adored by children.



All the magic of Mantra for Meditation and Mental Relief;  CDs for Study and Practical steps towards Self Mastery.


You Are The Light – Secrets of the Sages Made Simple

The best-selling book that answers spiritual seeker's final questions! 

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       Do you want to experience Peace of Heart and Mind?


   Muz Murray’s inspirational insights into the profound wisdom of the ancient sages are here clearly explained in refreshingly new and astonishing ways, along with practices that will help you achieve it.


    You Are the Light cuts through all the spiritual claptrap and clarifies many confusing concepts, including Advaita, Awareness, Belief, Consciousness, Depression, Dreams, Ego, Emotional Pain, Enlightenment, Free Will, God, Karma, Love, Mental Conflict, Self-Realisation, Sex, Celibacy and Spirituality, Stress, Suffering, Surrender and much more, including Life, Death, the Universe and Everything.

About Muz

Muz Murray, a world-travelling mystic and adventurer, is a spiritual mentor and Mantra Yogi, a practised story teller, surrealist painter and illustrator and formerly, a Scenic Artist & Costume Designer and actor in theatre and film, a stuntman and singer, zoo-keeper, elephant trainer, art teacher, deckhand, Night-club singer and many other weird and wonderful occupations, during his mostly penniless travels halfway around the world.


Because of his wild adventures—being shot at by bandits, surviving knife attacks, hold-ups, poisoned darts and an earthquake—while hitch-hiking all down the length of Africa; crossing deserts, living with Dervishes in Turkey and Iran and hanging on to the outside of an express train all through the night in India, the Mind, Body & Spirit journals have dubbed him the “Indiana Jones of Yoga.”


He now lives a quiet hermit-like life, writing up half a century of spiritual research into his books, mentoring his students and offering rare Advaita and Mantra Retreats.

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