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Words on the Way - The Yoga Wordbook - eBook Download (PDF)

Words on the Way - The Yoga Wordbook - eBook Download (PDF)

The Golden Glossary of Philosophical, Mystical & Spiritual Sanskrit

by Muz Murray

Format: PDF eBook

721 Pages / Over 4000 entries


Making Sense of Sanskrit

An Intelligent Seeker’s Guide to Understanding the Philosophical and Mystical Language of the Seers.

We are delighted to announce that our long-awaited Sanskrit Glossary is finally available.


This is not a dictionary for scholars, so you won’t find every Sanskrit word in it. But it is an extremely comprehensive Working Glossary for the ordinary seeker, containing over 4,000 definitions of spiritual and philosophical words that you are likely to encounter in your reading of Indian spiritual books and texts.


The Glossary does not simply explain the grammatical meaning of words like any ordinary dictionary, but constitutes a mystic’s understanding of meanings and deliberations over a lifetime of study and experience. It will save you years of wondering about obscure meanings and even obscurer spellings. Almost every area of India, and almost every guru, has their own idea of how to spell a Sanskrit word. It is frustrating to attempt to find a word in the dictionary when the dictionary only offers one spelling. So if you come across a word with a different spelling you will never find it in a normal dictionary. The Yoga Wordbook offers every different spelling I have encountered over more than forty years of research.

Although some words only need a simple explanation, other entries will go much further in answering a seeker’s long-standing questions. Here you will find meanings and understandings you won’t find in the dry grammarian’s dictionaries, together with elaborated comment on certain words. It also includes particular meanings to words given by sages such as Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamacharya, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, Satyananda, etc.


Some entries will throw light on little known secrets of yoga, ultimately revealing the hidden mysteries of spiritual life that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.


The Glossary also offers you:

Pronunciation: How to correctly pronounce words so often incorrectly passed on to students in the West, even such commonly mispronounced words such as asanamandala, Himalaya; or more complicated-looking words like Pratibhijnahridayam or Sodasopacara and so forth.


Synonyms and antonyms: Sanskrit terms and their opposite meanings are given for many words.


Bibliographies: Lists of books on a particular subject to further your researches in relation to a specific word or concept.


Descriptions: of some major texts and lists of different translations available by ancient and contemporary authors.


The Glossary is extensively cross-referenced with words written in bold type, reminding you to look up related words or subjects in other sections.

Please note that this work will be constantly updated and developed, as and when time allows. Some words with only a brief description you may find with a fuller explanation in a later edition. Occasionally, you may find words with no description at all, which indicates that they are going to be explained in later editions.


Keep on checking for new editions!

N.B. At Deccan College in Pune (Poona), a team of scholars have been working on a massive Sanskrit-English dictionary since 1948 — and they are still on the letter A!


And this Glossary is only a one-man’s dedicated lifetime’s work, with many a late-night updating, between numerous other commitments, world-wide travel and workshops.


However, if you can find a more useful or more esoterically informative dictionary anywhere, let me know and I will gladly retire from this arduous and endless lifelong labour of love.


Meanwhile, the accumulated knowledge here is priceless and may save you 40 years research!


Warmly yours,

Muz Murray
(Ramana Baba)




"My interest is in Kashmir Shaivism, therefore I study texts full of [unexplained] Sanskrit words. The discovery of Muz Murray’s digital book “Words on the Way” has enormously helped me in my work.

Unlike other Sanskrit Dictionaries, which are produced for erudite specialists, this unique work and its manner of expression is clear, easy to use, and with everything perfectly documented.

But it is not only a very practical glossary. The Wordbook is also full of fascinating teachings. Over and above the explanation of the words, Muz Murray gives us a profound understanding of the most important conceptions in the field of Yoga, which, for me, has opened many more new horizons in this area.

Thank you Muz, for allowing us to share in your discoveries and in the experience of your life as an authentic Yogi.

Your book is an indispensable aid for the spiritual seeker."


***** Prof. Catherine Dillies


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Words on the Way - The Yoga Wordbook - eBook Download (PDF)

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