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Words on the Way - Reviews

This book is an absolute treasure for anyone on the spiritual path ...and an interesting book for anyone on any path ..or no path at all! 

Muz generously shares his thoughts, insights and experiences, both personal and Universal. 
With his great knowledge from science to mysticism, and great sense of humour and “laidbackness”(is there such a word ?..) Muz has created an inspiring , educating and enjoyable read .. thank you.


Sonia Allen-Wall

An excellent book; I only bought it a couple of months ago but have referred to it many times. It has become an invaluable resource for my teaching and personal development.


Lucy Croucher

Words on the Way is a great resource and we were happy to run it. We think that it is awesome!
Thank you again for sending it in.


Eddie Stern & Robert Moses

Editors: NamaRupa Magazine (USA) – Categories of Indian Thought

Described as 'The Golden Glossary, of Philosophical. Mystical and Spiritual Sanskrit', this electronic book would be invaluable to anyone, like me, who can be bamboozled by spiritual texts that have unexplained words sprinkled through them like confetti. In yoga, a single Sanskrit word can embody entire concepts and this useful glossary can help to bring intellectual (if not spiritual) enlightenment. Where a new Sanskrit word appears in a definition, it appears in bold so that it can be found in the glossary. To make the pronunciation simpler for a Western audience, a word such as Siva is written as Shiva and sraddha as shraddha. This may annoy purists, but makes life easier for those new to Sanskrit. A phonetic aid to pronunciation is also given and references to other sources. Obviously the result of a lifetime's study it is a good £14.99's worth for anyone who makes yoga a serious spiritual and/or philosophical quest.


Yoga Scotland

Issue 28, January 2009

Muz Murray (Ramana Baba) says that he wrote “Words on the Way” because he always desperately wanted such a book himself when he was a young seeker.

BINGO! Me too!

Like Muz, I now have a better understanding of the Sanskrit language, and a deep appreciation for its place within the teachings of yoga. I also understand just how hard it can be to really benefit from the insight put forth in so many of the profound texts dealing with yoga, without this foundation. As Muz suggests, “Seekers can often get completely lost, confused and discouraged by the welter of unfamiliar and unexplained Sanskrit words that are so liberally sprinkled throughout the Indian philosophical & spiritual writings.




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